Article “My Father Was a Cop”

“Today I’m proud of it. But there was a time when I never talked about it” – these are the words of the author of the article Maureen Dowd.

She is telling about her and about 60es. People thought that cops were and the military was fascist. Her father was a cop and she didn’t want to tell about it. As she was saying “it wasn’t cool”.

Maureens father was an aide to a Senator and then to a Congressman after he retired from the District of Colombia police force, it seemed easier to say he was in politics. But now she don’t think so.

On March 1, 1954 three Puerto Rican nationalists fired onto the House Floor from a spectators’ gallery. Five Congressman were wounded. But her father wrestled one of the shooters to the ground.

Many civiliants suffered before people understood that it was politicians who sent all those young men to die after they knew Vietnam was unwinnable. Shaggy-haired collegians like Bill Clinton were protesting Vietnam and writing letters about “loathing the military”.

“Nowadays, I never say my father worked in politics. I simply say, with the greatest possible pride, that he was a cop” – Maureen Dowd.  

Maureen Dowd. “My Father was a Cop.” Reader’s Digest January 1999: 16-17

~ by sportsmanpuma on March 7, 2007.

One Response to “Article “My Father Was a Cop””

  1. Thanks for writing about this author since I have a prejudice against her based on some of her more liberal writings. The fact that she has a father who was a police officer raises my esteem of her slightly. Remember when you do MLA you should put the last name first and then the first name, okay?

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