Russian Aviators in the 1930es

 I decide to write about such aviators as Gromov Mikhail Michaulovich, Danilin Sergey Alekseevich and also Grizodybova Valentina Stepanovna.

Gromov Mikhail Mikhailovich was born on the 12 (24) of February1899 in the city of
Tver’. In the childhood he lived in such cities as Kalyga, Rzhev. Graduated from
Moscow practical school. In 1917 ended aviation theoretical courses of N. E. Zhykovskiu. And from that year he was in the army. In the 1918 ended
Moscow flying school and stayed there as a pilot-instructor.

From April 1930 – pilot-tester and commander of the aviation detachment. Tested almost all the planes of Typolev, made in the 1930-es – passenger planes such as ANT – 9, ANT – 14, ANT – 20 “Maksim Gorkiu”, ANT – 35.

 Mikhail Mikhailovich was the participant of Great Domestic war: since December 1941 – the commander of 31-st mixed aviation division (Kalininsky front); since February 1942 – the commander of Air Forces of Kalininskiu Front. In May 1942 – May 1943 – the commander of 3-rd air army created on the basis of the Air Forces of Kalininskiu Front. The air army in structure of Kalininskiu and Northwest fronts participated in defensive operation in area of city White, in GraetLyksk operations. Since May 1943 – Commander of the1-st Air army. The army under his command in structure of Western and 3-rd
Belarus fronts participated in Oryol operation.

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  1. Okay, are these some of the aviators you might consider researching for your final paper? Maybe you can ask your grandma what she remembers reading or hearing about these famous pilots. Remember that I do not want to have any URLS or websites used for your paper but find things from Ebscohost at the British Council. I will be there next Saturday, one more time to help you and others.

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